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The Greatest Magicians and Stage Illusionist

We know them as magicians, illusions, conjurers, prestidigitator, sorcerers, wizards or even scoundrels. What ever you call them, we have all been amazed, baffled and perplex by their magic since the beginning of time.

Many of the most famous magicians began practicing their art as children and often devoted years to perfecting a single trick. They traveled far and wide to visit their peers and learn their methods, however being careful not to d1vulge their own secrets of magic.

We have compiled a list of America's greatest and most famous magicians (and a few who only though they were). On the links below you will find their history, biographies and photos.

Let us know of those that we have missed. We invite you to submit biographies, photos and stories.


Criss Angel
Carl Ballantine
Harry Blackstone
David Blaine
Lance Burton
Phil Chandler
David Copperfield
Joseph Dunninger
Siegfried Fischbacher
Al Flosso
Ferry Forst
Horace Goldin
Lee Grabel
Ken and Robertta Griffin
Doug Henning
Roy Uwe Horn
Harry Houdini
Burling Hull
Roy Houston
Penn Jillette
Harry Kellar
Shin Lim
Stuart Miller
Tom Ogden
Charles Roark
Johm Scarne
Chung Ling Soo
Raymond Teller
John "Tomsoni" Thompson
Howard Thurston
Dai Vernon
Mark Wilson

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