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Stuart Miller Magician

Stuart Miller Stage Illusionist

Sept. 13 1933 - April 3 1998

Reprinted with permission from Circuses and Sideshows Dot Com

Stuart Alan Miller was born September 13 1933 in Corning, NY., grew up in Elmira, NY

While growing up, Stu acquired a early interest in magic, he perfected his magician skills entertaining the neighborhood kids in his hometown of Elmira.

Stu's professional career began as a magician on the Baordwalk at Coney Island, NY. After Coney Island Stu worked with many circuses learning the business, he became a very well known as a sideshow manager on such circuses as Sells and Gray Circus, Clyde Beatty Cole Bros. and Hoxie Bros. Circus where he met his wife Sara Diaz Miller an aerialist with the show.

Stu always had great admiration for the large theatrical productions of the great illusionist of the past, Howard Thurston, Harry Blackstone and Harry Houdini. After leaving the sideshow business Stu opened his own stage production "Magic Time USA". The show was a combination Illusion show and circus. The show employed 25 people travel on six trucks and had exotic animals, lions, pythons, a black panther and an elephant.

The show traveled throughout the United States and Canada for many years until Stu's death on April 3 1998.


Stu Miller and Satan
Stu Miller with Satan
Cast of Stu Miller's Magic Time USA
The Cast of Stu Miller's Magic Time USA
Stu Miller's Road Show
One of Magic Time USA 4 simi trucks


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