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Magician Roy Huston

Roy Huston

(Kenneth Roy Husted)
Nov. 11, 1940 - June 28, 2009

Kenneth Roy Husted (Roy Huston) was born November 11, 1940. Roy was born into a vaudeville family and began performing on stage at an early age.

Huston's mother, a dancer taught young Roy to tap dance, which he performed on stage with his mother. His father was a drummer and taught Roy to drum, Roy became one of the best show drummers in the business. One of Roy's first solo acts was as a ventriloquist.

Huston began performing illusions on stage and soon took out his own very successful magic show. Roy also operated "Spook Shows" which he toured nationally.

In 1967 Roy starred in the motion picture "The Magic Land of Mother Goose" in the role of "Merlin the Magician". In 1968 he appeared in the movie "Moonshiner's Woman".

In 1981 and 82 Huston starred in Ward Hall's "Cavalcade of Magic", which performed in the U.S. under canvas.

On September 27 1993, Roy married Yuka Darlene Allen.

Not only was Huston a avid stage performer, he was also a magic historian. Over his years on the road, Roy acquired one of the largest private collection of magis props, posters, scenery and magic memorabilia in the United States.

Kenneth Roy Husted (Roy Huston) passed away on June 28, 2009, in Gibsonton, Florida.


Roy Huston ventriloquist and Magician
Young Roy Huston, Ventriloquist
Illustion Roy Huston



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